Regular Group Classes

Currently we have one location teaching regular group classes:

1. RAW Combatives: Glen Waverly, Melbourne, VIC
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Senshido Private Lessons

All of our instructors are happy to teach private lessons by negotiation. However, as all have their own availability and fee schedule, it is best to contact your preferred trainer directly.


Senshido Seminars

1. Senshido’s Fundamentals of Personal Protection: This seminar is Senshido’s core concepts seminar. It is a prerequisite to any and all Senshido seminars except for our Safe for Life Women’s Program. Topics for this seminar include: The moral, legal & ethical aspects of self-defense, passive stance psychology, fear and confrontation management, verbal defusing and communication strategies, Senshido’s 5 Principles of Physical Retaliation, Defense against most common attacks & much more. .

2. Senshido’s Walk The Talk: It is a prerequisite to have completed the Fundamentals of Personal Protection and/or Safe for Life seminar prior. This seminar delves deeper into enhancing perception time, decreasing reaction time, dealing with & managing powerful emotions and the adrenal stress condition phase, enhanced (auditory and visual) awareness, Senshido’s Emotional Invocation Drill, the complete Opportunity Drill and much more.

3. Senshido’s Safe for Life: Women’s Empowerment through Personal Protection Program – No prerequisites. This seminar works on demystifying rape and violence, re-establishing a congruous belief system, fear, stress & confrontation management, 10 steps in surviving a violent confrontation, passive stance psychology, verbal defusing and communication, Senshido’s 5 Principles of Physical Retaliation, the revolutionary Shredder concept, defense against most common attacks and more.

4. Senshido’s Get Real Seminar: It is a prerequisites to have completed the following 3 seminars prior: 1) The Fundamentals of Personal Protection, 2) The Walk the Talk and 3) The Shredder seminars. This seminar deals with Scenario Replications. Scenarios are created & reflect the participant’s lifestyle and are based on Senshido’s world renowned Scenario Replication Package used by law enforcement & martial artists the world over. Your opponent always picks and chooses the time, place, and setting of the confrontation. This seminar breaks down and demystifies a confrontation including time frames, mindsets, clothing, environment, unforeseen variables, concealed/improvised weapons and more.

5. Senshido’s Revolutionary Shredder Seminar: It is a prerequisite to have completed the Fundamentals of Personal Protection and/or Safe for Life Women’s rape prevention seminars. Used by military agencies, law enforcement officers, correctional officers, nurses, presidential security teams, counter terrorist units, swat teams and martial artists the world over, the notorious Shredder concept is an extreme close quarter tool and tactic suitable and ideal for extreme close quarter attacks such as grappling, rapes, muggings, clinches, tackles, headlocks, lapel grabs and any and every attacks in close quarter situations. It is by far the easiest, quickest and most efficient tool the average civilian can learn to protect and defend themselves in almost any and all close quarter situations.

6. Senshido’s On the Cutting Edge seminar: It is a prerequisite to have completed the Fundamentals of personal Protection, the Walk the talk & the Shredder seminars prior. This seminar covers complete knife defense from static to dynamic. This seminar is also a very revealing seminar, we offer the grim truth, consequences and realties about knife defense, we offer no guarantees other than this seminar will enhance your survivability, not guarantee it. We do not offer techniques or direct solutions in this seminar as anyone who has ever faced a knife attack will tell you; “it is the most chaotic, frightening, stressful and mind numbing experience a human being can randomly face.” This seminar answers many questions regarding knife attacks including: The psychology of an armed attacker, communicative guidelines, evasive manoeuvres, controlling the blade, how & where to avoid getting cut, the golden rule of knife defense, rear hand knife attacks, prison inmate & gang tactics and more. 5-hour seminar

7. Senshido’s Submission Termination: It is a prerequisite to have completed the Fundamentals of Personal Protection, the Walk the talk & the Shredder seminars prior. 90% of street fights end up on the ground? Maybe, only if the victim’s close quarter arsenal is deficient. Learn to end fights before they hit the ground, on their way down or as you hit the ground. Either way the ground is the last place you want to be in a real fight due to many variables such as: Concealed weapons, multiple attackers, rough environment (gravel, knee high snow, asphalt, staircase etc.) and more. This seminar covers energy redirection drills, stopping take downs dead in their tracks, manoeuvring alone & with someone on top of you while on the ground and dealing with others standing, ‘illegal’ escapes from all major grappling positions, how to get back on ones feet after subduing an opponent on the ground or while on the ground yourself while opponent is on their feet threatening.

8. Senshido’s Outnumbered but not Outgunned: (Pre requisite Fundamentals, Walk the talk, Shredder, Submission Termination) (4-hour seminar) This seminar deals with multiple attacker situations and confrontations. Includes 8 point footwork, circling, shifting, shadow fighting, multiple attacker psychology and behaviour, elected attacker drill, mini scenarios, monkey in the middle drill, body guard drill and more.

– All seminars also available without pre-requisite, however this will add four hours to any given seminar as well as appropriate cost increase to cover the fundamentals.

– All other seminars offered within the site are specialized and cater to specific groups.

– Prices vary depending on attendance and length of seminars. Please contact us for details and/or prices

Booking Private Lessons & Seminars

If you are interested in booking a private lesson or a seminar for your group, please contact us.

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