Jim Armstrong (Melbourne, VIC)

Jim has been training in the martial arts since the mid 1980’s. He has trained in freestyle karate (ECKA), Muay Thai, Eskrima (various styles), kick boxing as well as dabbling in various other martial arts over the past 20+ years. Jim has been teaching martial arts since the early 90’s. He has a 2nd dan in Doce Pares Eskrima, is a senior instructor of the AIM academy, an instructor of Senshido international, an instructor in Nasubukang Arnis and an apprentice Instructor in Urban Combatives as well as being the founder of Raw Combatives, along with Jeremy De Silva. Jim has fought in the ring on several occasions, and has also fought in the Philippines twice representing Australia at the WEKAF world stick fighting championships in 1998 and 2000.

Jim formed Raw Combatives in 2004 to bring all of his experiences under one roof. From it’s early days of being nothing more than a fight club where techniques and theories were tested to what it is today. It’s a club where people can train in a safe, caring, fun filled environment where they learn not only great self protection skills and Eskrima, but also learn a lot about themselves and how to improve on who they are.

For more information on attending a Raw Combatives class or booking Jim for private training or a seminar, see http://www.rawcombatives.com.au/








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