Corey Hawes (Newcastle, NSW)

Name:  Corey Hawes
Location: Newcastle, NSW.
Senshido Team Member Since: 2011
Training Experience:
  • 20 Years Training Experience
  • Senshido International Team Member
  • Founder of Advanced Self Defence Newcastle
  • Member of VOCAL (Victims of Crime Assistance League) VOCAL is a not for profit organization that provides support for men,women and children that have been victims of violent crime or similar tragedies.  (
  • Member of MAIA
  • Black belt in Okinawan Go-Ju-Ryu, under the IOGKF.
  • 5 Years under Australasian Defendo CQC

Having spent many years training in various systems and styles, Corey was first exposed to Richard Dimitri and Senshido in Sydney 2007.

Corey Hawes;

” Through Senshido and it’s Affiliate instructors across the world, I beleive I have found what I consider to be simply the best holistic system available today. I am honored to be able to offer the material and principal’s of Senshido to my students and those that attend our seminars, along with concepts I have learned or developed throughout my years of training and studying”

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